What's in Juxta: A fairytale of modern society?

Birth of the consumer

The priest
will predict
the birth
of a new consumer
by chanting
his far-famed
sales talk.

After a consumer is born,
it is left alone
for one night
at the temple of Elibom.
It is during this night
that it conceives its connection
to all the knowledge known
to mankind.

On the second day
in the life
of the new born consumer,
a village elder
the selfie staff
the youngster
will carry
throughout his life.


He uses
his own hands
and wisdom
to order the staff
On Line.

The consumer
will carry his selfie staff
throughout his life.
It will house the relic
that holds all his knowledge.

The conjunction of
the relic
and the staff
will help him
make the hardest choices

and guide him
in times of need.

As the old saying goes,
“there is only the illusion
of free will.”

Coming of age

When coming of age,
the youngster will take up
a journey
deep into the forest
where the god of silence

Everything has
its own way here.


Ego does not
within its borders.

He will gamble
his only link
to everything he knows,
his 3G connection.

If successful
the youngster will find
true self
and thus achieve
a better understanding
of everything encompassing him.
He will find
his 4G connection
and enter manhood.