About the artist

Kim van Veelen (1988) lives in the middle of The Netherlands. After high school, he studied Fine Art at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU). Kim graduated around 2010 with honors, but kept on studying, as a true artist does.

Special thanks to Sven Lablans and Sem Hovingh for making this awesome video!

Kim likes to bring his art low-key to the public. He transformed, for example, a local train station into his exhibition space. Kim also initiated a large yearly project which centers on the use of sidewalk crayons. And as art-teacher, Kim invites pupils to collaborate on his projects.

As an autonomous artist, Kim participated in Tref, an exchange project from Soest (NL) and Soest (DE), where his work was exhibited at HazArt Gallery for sculptural art. His love for the theatrical grew as he participated in theatre groups. He is currently engaged in various performances and develops pieces to set the stage.

Juxta is his first expression of art in book form. After making this ‘graphic novel,’ Kim kept the habit of drawing daily, thus continuing the story. You can follow his productivity on Instagram and might very well read the full story in the next episode of Juxta.

Exhibitions, Performances:



11 - 10 November 2019: Le guess who and Le mini Who

14 April 2019: Open atelier at the Nijverheid

17, 18 November 2017: Performance tijdens de voorstelling van theatergroep Chorus Line, Amersfoort

13 oktober 2017: Productie Curtains-Up "Wat als" met decor ontwerp van Studio Veel, Utrecht, Zimihc Zuilen

22 april 2017: Performance op het "Eenakterfeest", Utrecht

10 Juni 2016: "Watdajel Art festival", Utrecht

8 maart 2016: "Nominatie stimuleringsprijs Cultuur, Soest", Soest

20 september 2015: Kunst route "Kunst en bedrijven" Soest

6 t/m 20 juni 2015: "Treff, Soest Soest" Groep expositie en performance, De Hazelaar, Soest

23 mei 2015: "Watdajel Art festival", Utrecht

2 t/m 30 mei 2015: "De kwakzalvers"​ Groep expositie, Artishock, Soest

8 t/m 28  februari 2015: "Uitgesteld wegens vermaak"​ Solo expositie, Artishock, Soest

1 november 2014: "Watdajel Art festival", Utrecht

15 juni 2014: Workshop "Enjoy Festival", Soestjuni 2012: "Exposure" HKU Fine Art eindexpositie, Utrecht